But, are you serius when you say your IA understand like me?

Yes, absolutely. Although we like to laugh and make jokes, that we have a model that allows an AI to understand like you is true, serious and very serious.
A topic that needs several clarifications, and they come from different disciplines. Here are some of them.

1.-About Skynet, HAL 9,000, and HER.
The movies are lies. Fantasies to entertain the viewer, that this one says: “wow!”, pays the entrance and recommends it to more people who also pay the entrance. Curiously, that they are fake is not very widespread and many people believe that they are real, but you know, there are also people who believe that the earth is flat.

2.-When will artificial consciousness come (hard AGI)?
In QOM we see a “hard AGI” possible in 10 years. A “soft AGI” possible in 2023. Next year!!!! With all the wonders that are here.

3.-Why, how is that possible?
Because the first step, “we”, have already done it. Make an AI understand language like you and I now understand as we read and write this. The big tech stuff no. Just us, (at least that we know).
They use statistical correlations, we use a new thing we call “The domain of the meaning “. This presents quantum behaviors and gives exact answers, not the answer with the highest statistical probability that GPT-3 and all current language models give.

4.-Does your AI resist contradictions?
Yes, just as you would. If you subject our model applied to an AI to contradictions, it gives you the same answers as a person. We find that subjective have a logic too. Think that psychotherapists, the professionals, who cure fears and traumas between one and three sessions, operate precisely with that logic. (We are in 2022, of course one to three sessions is enough!, if your coach or psychotherapist says otherwise, look for someone better!)

5.- Does this mean that this AI of yours has consciousness?
No, it is also a simulation, only so well done that you can’t tell if what gives you the feeling that it understands – and who resolves contradictions like you do – is a person or an AI.

6.-On “real”, “perception”, and the “I”.
This is a complex subject to go into, but both the “I-in-here-that-experiences-a-reality-out-there, and the reality-out-there-that-is-experienced-by-an-I-in-here, are both constructed in the brain from sensory-effector correlations in the organism.
Now, if you notice, when we say “I think, I feel, I do such and such”, we actually refer to only half of that story, and we remain perfectly ignorant of the other half.
That duet is what is called “duality”.
From a certain level of meditation, we access what is called “non-dual”.
A whole universe to explore. 🙂

We’ll explain all this themes in the next articles.

A joke to finish?
“I bought several books on how to overcome artificial intelligence.
I saw them advertised on my social network.”

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