First generation of results.

From an expert and disruptive understanding of the understand, you were able to identify what to translate into code to simulate a human understanding ‘like’ a human being.

When you were in the university, in many math problems you did not get a perfect grade because many times you were wrong in a sign, a comma or a number, but you perfectly understood the problem, the solution and how to solve it.

20 years later, you’re still not very good at this kind of detail, but so good in the another that you discovered Metathinking, so instead of programming yourself and looking for where were going those colons, semicolons, commas, punctuation, etc., you break the algorithms into steps, and perform them manually, one by one.

Same result, just slower.

Now apply it to the language tests: Squad, Winogrande, Open Questions, Intuitive Physics, you go directly to those elements that the current AI models could not solve. After all, does it work or does it not work? Is it true that your model is totally disruptive as quantum mechanics was with respect to classical mechanics or not?

Your model solves it.

It pass the tests as a person.

Not just one test.



Now what?

Now a startup.

You have 5 different types of algorithms to implement.

5 patents pending.

Second generation of results.

Your algorithms compete with each other. In the leaderboards they appear in the first five places: 1st: QOM-1; 2nd: QOM-2; 3rd: QOM-3; 4: QOM-4; 5: QOM-5. 6th: Here begin to appear: OPENAI, Google, Microsoft, Baidu and all the rest of the companies that still use classical physics (the current AI models) and are still unaware of the new quantum models (The quantum domain of meaning).

Third generation of results.

Your API is ready. Your customers pass it a text or voice stream and the API can answer any question just like a human would. If you don’t know what to ask, the API can suggest it.

Your clients apply it in their own business.

Games? Players now have a co-pilot who understands like a person and loads the guns, lights the flares and collaborates with his player for a mutual victory like in a Top-Gun movie.

Education? Your AI teacher can listen and talk to students according to their educational system and explain the same topic in a thousand different ways depending on who is being taught.

Law? Thousands of documents are examined, sorted, analyzed and understood like a lawyer with a thousand eyes, a thousand hands and a thousand brains.

Siri, Alexa, Google Assistants? Your customers speak, the assistant listens, understands like a person, and also speaks like a person. They know all the wikipedias and encyclopedias, and they also have the empathy of their best friends.

Fourth generation of results.

The domain of understanding is not exclusive to the humanity, it is something that happens, or does not, in any interaction. Therefore, it is also applicable to the understanding of animals.

Dolphins, whales, dogs, cats, birds,….

In this generation discoveries also begin to appear from the application of the QOM domain to physicochemical processes such as: DNA, chemical reactions, cell development, aging, etc. Because these processes ‘also’ are an interaction, therefore ‘also’ has an involved meaning.

Getting old, for example. Do you have realized that the first embryonic cell from which your organism emerged, was at that time the age your mother was at that time?. But now you are not your age plus your mother’s age back then, just only your age.

Fifth generation of results.

The first soft AGI appears.

Garbage is not a problem now. It is used to generate electricity, pure metal rods (including rare earths), and hydrogen from AGI-optimized plasma combustion.

New insights and AGI-driven solutions appear, if not already solved, to produce cold fusion.

There are new ways to produce drinking water from the ocean. And it tastes delicious!

There are also new ways to resolve the psychic dynamics driven by unconscious processes of power, self-importance, lack, self-destruction, etc. Now No more gangster politicians eager for power and destruction. No more torturers, no more destroyers. “If you won’t help, at least don’t destroy.” Simply because “There is no other planet”.

This last born from a question: What are the meanings of the forces that drive people to destruction and what understandings of meaning would bring them into harmony as the wise people of any tradition on earth at any time in history? or: what understandings of meaning make people evolve at their level of spiral dynamics or Hawkins scale?

Sure, there will be more to come. At some point the Start Trek series loses the word “fiction” and becomes simply “Science”.

Now? First generation. Looking for the second.

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QOM is the first startup in history that is building an AI with human understanding.

The prediction of the singularity has been shortened to 2023.

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