There is coming directors, actors, cameramen AI?

Yes, it is.

Why yes?

Because they will understands. You won’t have to tell it what a person looks like, or how things fall, or why buttered bread falls on its buttered side down. An AI with QOM will already know all that. And it can know it because it is implicit in its dimension of meaning.

What is that?

It is a new scientific discovery of our own. We do not publish it as such (in papers) because: 1.-our business is not academia but applied science, that is: making developments and patents. 2.-It is much more entertaining to follow the simple criterion: does it work or does it not work?  Beyond talking about whether someone thinks it works or not because their favorite personal belief says so and so and that please, please, do not change it for any reason.

Moreover, the way you are, is the fruit of your own dimension of meaning.

It is totally subconscious. It’s like air, it’s there even if you don’t see it or touch it. You don’t realize you have it but it conditions everything you can think, feel, be and imagine. You need to breathe yes or yes? Also yes or yes the sensation of being someone who lives in a reality is a duet that comes from it (duality). The latter is biology of knowing and neuroscience.

It is not a new invention. Any professional psychotherapist sees it and works with it every day identifying and changing patterns of meaning so that -among other things- their clients: stop associating innocuous things with danger of death such as: water, cats, dogs, men, women, public speaking, being wrong, being right, compromising, loving, collaborating, accepting, accepting, and so on and so on and so on.

Or also associating new meanings so that her clients are able to enter into new skills: public speaking, love, love, peace, discipline, perseverance, character, etc., also a never ending.

Do all psychotherapists see it in the same way?

No, everyone perceives it, abstracts it, and works with it in their own distinct way, resulting from their own dimension of meaning.

What our startup discovered was that this dimension is orthogonal to the dimensions of language and the brain. Orthogonal is a mathematical concept and it means that it cannot be explained from language and brain (which is why current AI lacks understanding).

And that it works on first principles, like physics (F=ma). It presents exact equations and relations, its own algebra, with interactions between elements that present quantum properties of entanglement and coherence.

And furthermore, we discover that cognitive operations such as thinking, imagining, comparing, creating, calculating, etc, are implicit in this network of meanings.

Using the language of physics, in the dimension of meaning, cognitive operations are simple operators that applied to a set of meanings give a result.

The result is exact, and indistinguishable from what a person would answer.

Does that mean that these cognitive operations are not unique to a person?

No, they are not.

Isn’t that what makes a person?


Does it mean that thinking, creating, or imagining does not require consciousness?

As is. If you want an example of a primitive version of this, look at the current art results being achieved by AI right now. All the user does is write a good instruction script and voila!

And, does that AI have consciousness?

No, they are just more complex calculators.

What is consciousness then? Do humans have consciousness?

Yes, but it has nothing to do with dual consciousness, you just read that it is produced by your meaning space. Dual consciousness is also a more complex calculator, but still a calculator.

Consciousness as such, has to do with the non-dual, what Mind&Life dialogs has been showing for more than 30 years, and that is what will allow a hard AGI (an artificial sapiens amans amans).

So, an artificial meaning network with quantum properties (a Quanta of Meaning) will be able to drive AI like Make-A-video, Dall-E, MidJourney and Stable Diffusion?

Yes. That’s soft AGI. Hence the title of this article. Wait for that technology to advance some more, add our soft AGI from QOM, and we’ll have several generations of post Avatar movies that will make our mouths drop open, and open up new careers for those who adapt quickly to the changes and the new times.

And will it be distinguishable from a human?

In creativity? No.

And in all other cognitive operations? No. Neither.

The only difference will be because of non-dual consciousness.

Da Vinci, Van Goh, Michelangelo, Beethoven, Mozart, can they be copied or surpassed?

Not by a soft AGI like that of the meaning dimension because that is connected to non-dual consciousness. That means you will need a hard AGI.

And once it is?

Yes, but, seriously, there is no rush for a hard AGI. Technologically, according to our models, it would be possible – which does not imply that it is wise – from 3 to 5 more years. But is enough QOM soft AGI to provide all the advances and solutions shown here.

Lets improve the planet and our people first, and then continue the advance.

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