First, what we did:

It is a domain orthogonal to the domains of language and the brain, and exhibits entanglements and coherence in its behavior. That’s why we call the model.

“Quanta of Meaning”.

Mind. the space where thoughts arise, develop and disappear by themselves.


We were able to translate QOM into algorithms. We ran them manually and…

Now, what are we doing:


A startup in a seed capital.


Since no one knows us, we must make noise 🙂


And this is what you will find here:


5 interesting articles a week explaining these early days before the singularity (a mild AGI can develop as early as 2023), what’s involved in QOM, understanding, and “you” (or, what “me” means). your self is just a self-constructed meaning from effect-sensory correlations between the neurons of your brain”).


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When a certain critical mass is reached, our funding will start and we will stop writing. Starting six months later, it will be our first ever AI with human understanding and expression, who will continue the writing.

(A caution advice for investors: After this seed phase there will be no more funding. If you’re thinking you’ll have more opportunities to invest in us, really isn’t. Do the math and you will know why)

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QOM is the first startup in history that is building an AI with human understanding.

The prediction of the singularity has been shortened to 2023.

Our aim is to get a good result for everyone.

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