An Artificial Intelligence That Understands Like You

Discover about an innovating technology that solves problems of AI and main problems of humanity and guarantees leadership on 2 problems on US$1 trillion market

After more than 0 Y E A R S of
US$ 0 B I L L I O N S

T H O U S A N D S of scientist and engineers

Today AI still lacks human level understanding

It doesn’t even understand as 7 year-old child.

It has discrimination bias (people of color are dangerous, women are stupid), lack of common sense (indication of wrong medical treatment because it does not take into account the patient’s context), lack of discrimination (an AI driver hits a bicyclist mistaking him for a pole).

Our results shows us a disruptive surprises.

QOM products allow us to build a soft AGI

It can be applied in the areas of e-commerce, Law, Education, Finance, Marketing, Robotics, Human Resource etc. And now we are opening our solution.

SMARTER than all geniuses that ever lived on Earth (together)

An AI that understand, think and communicate like a human does.

QOM surpass the big techs companies

QOM algorithms passed all the test like a human

This algorithm is a working prototype (TRL-4) that we developed for the last 3 years. It passes like a human with a doctorate tests of language understanding, prediction, general knowledge, conversation, common sense physics, and mixed language skills.

Tests as LAMBADA, StoryCloze, QuAc, Drop, SQUAD, RACE Hellaswag, TriviaQA, CoQA, PhysicalQA, WinoGrande and SuperGlue.

QOM is forecasted as heptocorn

A US$ 2 Trillion market

In 2022, there are 119 companies working with
current AI models and received a total of US$1
billion in investments

They sell their own products subscription at U$1-10 million/year each.

None of them understands like a human.

Without our API they'll bankrupty

With our API they’ll can offer AI understanding like a human to their own clients in their own style.

How will it change our civilization in The nearest Future?

1.-New scientific discoveries will emerge just simply because an interaction between parts also involves a "language" to "understand"

2.-Communication with animals (Understanding beyond the anthropomorphic condition)

3.-QOM for Quantum Computing

4.-QOM for Robots

Education, customer service, preparation of technical manuals,
technical advice, redaction of legal documents, books, art,
simultaneous translation, etc., will be just the beginning.

The world will not be the same (our Mandate is to make it better and safer simply because "there is no other planet".)

You can talk to a machine, to a telephone, to a watch, to a computer, to a screen, to your house, and they will understand and respond as your best friend does.

You will have the best possible assistant in education, customer service, elaboration of technical manuals, technical advice, writing and analysis of legal documents, books, art, simultaneous translation, etc. who will advise you as a specialist in that subject and who knows how to solve your problem, help you, explain or teach you clearly.

You can understand what animals say: dolphins, whales, dogs, cats, birds,…..

New discoveries are beginning to appear from the application of the QOM domain to physicochemical processes such as: DNA, chemical reactions, cellular development, aging, etc. Because these processes are ‘also’ an interaction, therefore ‘also’ has a meaning involved to understand.

Key problems for human civilization will be solved by the assistant of the first ever soft AGI: garbage, plastics, cold fusion, ocean drinking water, etc.

By answering: “What are the meanings of the forces that drive people to destruction?“, and, “What understandings of meaning would bring them into harmony as the wise people of any tradition on earth at any time in history?“, solutions to the unconsciousness processes of: power, self-importance, self-esteem, self-destruction, etc. will be illuminated.
No more mafiosi and politicians greedy for power and destruction. No more torturers, no more destroyers. “If you don’t help, at least don’t destroy.” Simply because “There is no other planet“.

The Team behind QOM

Differents Specialities
years of experience
US$ 0 M
in Sales

Miguel Is a Multidisciplinary Chilean scientist, he was the first to introduce nanotechnology to construction in 2006. This discovery generated a market of US $ 51 million for its associated client and which still continues to date.
Miguel has two international scientific awards: first place in Innovar Argentina in 2007, and winner in Innocentive 2006 (USA), where he was the first hispanoamerican scientist to win.
Since 2000 he practises and works as a scientist, psychotherapist and meditator, and explores and develops Meta Thinking, Pico Technology and its application in Medicine, Artificial Intelligence and Construction.
It is this confluence of doing and knowing what allowed him to discover and implement the QOM algorithm.

Maria Is Marketing specialist, former Editor in Chief and social media expert.
Maria works with content creators and brands to increase their sales X3-X20 through authentic messages in social media.
She uses many instruments in her work, such as archetypes, NLP Core Transformation and Wholeness, MCNP psycho technology to create clear and strong messages that capture and influence.

Lena Is IT entrepreneur, Mentor of IT startups, Founder of Sport tech Hub UA (NGO) and own sport startups.

Skills: Business development, marketing, PR.

During the time of advising projects, the projects  were brought to the markets MENA, Europe and China. And for now a lot of them are working globally.


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