(updated: March, 3rd, 2020)

Miguel Ferrada Gutiérrez is a generalist independent scientist. As independent, he doesn’t need to publish or teach in the academy.

Precisely when he started to show their metacognitive expertise, he discover the academy don’t know it.

Furthermore, his metacognition knowledge, which, without realizing it, he developed for more than 26 years, it solves many scientific and entrepreneurial problems, the AI understanding and general AI among them.

You can see his photograph and his curriculum by clicking here.

As independent scientist, he doesn’t need it. Only have commercial developments and international prizes, which he has.

In fact, one of the advantages of being an independent scientist is the freedom available to investigate what one desires without relying on government funds, which limit what is possible to investigate or not, depending on the beliefs of the prevailing paradigm or culture.

Another important advantage is the time available to reflect, which in the academy, unfortunately is very little, or almost nothing.

If you have experience in successful investments, you may have a developed instinct that you can use. In addition, you can meet him personally in Tenerife, Canary Islands, or online.

Also, if you know and trust someone with a PhD in computational linguistics, or its equivalent, you can use it as a trusted person to ask questions and evaluate us.

Only in the metacognitive level. i.e. equations, models, suppositions of the model, fundaments, etc.

It’s the same level of the black hole equations when Stephen Hawking’s discover. Only after their development, the astronomers was able to know where to search to find them accord to his predictions.

Additionally, today we are starting our first prototype using the Mathematica language.

Yes, under signature and agreement of NDA. All information is patented, except for some very reserved information related to how to avoid a Skynet, which is stored for security reasons, and that has no impact on AI for understanding.

Yes, if you have a level of knowledge equivalent to that of a doctorate in computational linguistics. If you don’t have it, maybe we can explain you.

Because he is almost ready. The most difficult thing is to reach the metacognitive level. It took Einstein 10 years in his theory of special relativity. It took 26 to MFG. In another example, Tesla made his developments in his mind, and only then went directly to manufacturing.

No, when ready, the AI for understanding will pass the tests on the web and will be automatically published online.

People and companies (large) are subscribed to these publications, and the news of our NLU with 100% understanding will be transmitted almost instantly.

You can understand that from that moment, the business will move to another level of the game.

We can make a win-win relationship with you now. You can help us and make the most prolific business of your life from today until we close the investment round.

After the code, the game will change.

Because what was developed until now is approximations and models based in the brain (the biological level) and the logic (the conscious level). But neither of them cover the level of the subconscious which is where the QOM belongs.

Yes, but it is only metacognized frontier science. Arthur Clarke said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. In our case, it is as he said, “sufficiently advanced technology”. (A colleague said us about it: it’s amazing!)

Much faster! As it is ready at the metacognitive level. Having for example the resources (professionals and hardware) of Microsoft or Google, would allows us to finish the AI of NLU in a time as short as one month!


When Stephen Hawkings said that if time travel were possible, we would be invaded by tourists from the future, he did not realize that it involves the presupposition that the state of consciousness of the humanity in a hypothetical future where time travel can be made , is the same as now.

And that doesn’t have to be that way.

In the early years of nanotechnology, it was of common knowledge that the more reagents you add to a chemical reaction, the more material you will produce.

MFG questioned this and said: “It doesn’t have to be that way. Is different. The laws we use so far were made for classic things, much bigger. A thousand times bigger to be exact. “

He tested it in an experiment and indeed, when nanoparticles are used it is better to use less up to a certain amount than to use more. Its competition (transnational big companies) took years to discover that.

When Einstein said: “God does not play dice with the universe,” Bohr replied: “Einstein, stop telling God what he has to do.”

In the field of artificial intelligence without going further, when they compare an AI with an 8-year-old child and say that the child learns in 5 minutes what AI takes 5 hours, in reality that is not the case.
¡It took the child eight years to learn in 5 minutes!

For those kinds of things that are taken for granted but that are not really so when one examines them with our Metacognition tools, we are able to do the first AI with 100% language comprehension and the first general AI, and companies like Google or Microsoft, no.

Yes, this project is just the biggest application at this moment.

A cloud service for companies such as cortial.io, which offers AI language services that rent at US $ 100,000 per year and offers a flat rate of US $ 1.7 million. Here a link.

It is difficult to compare ourselves with the competition because we are in different paradigms. On different levels.

Using metaphors, it’s like asking us to compare ourselves with ships trying to use a radar to see what’s at the bottom of the ocean when we discover a submarine.

Or that we compare ourselves with different types of bicycles when we have just discovered the car.

To try to explain the paradigm difference between the current IAG companies and us, we can say that: the current companies do not even know how it could be done. We know how to do it.

On the difference of paradigms on NLU and NLG: current companies use pattern analysis, statistics, and associations of the conscious level of language.

We use not only the subconscious level (which generates the conscious) but also use the even deeper level, the one that generalizes the subconscious. And what we call the level of the formation of the  meanings.

That is, we are two levels beyond our competition.

The level of meaning formation is where the word “mom,” “dad,” makes sense to a baby before he even starts talking.

It is “from” that level where language is constructed, the sense of self, the way of seeing the world, beliefs, what is true or false for a person, etc.

That’s why we can make a NLU and a NLG indistinguishable from a person (except for an expert). Because we start from the same level as a person’s mind is formed.

And we can thanks to the confluence of different disciplines of knowledge and experience that is part of the information under NDA. (Getting to the position of being able to do this has taken us 26 years).

While our competition analyzes how a person speaks and communicates and tries to copy that in multiple ways, with no greater success than talking to Siri or Alexa.

Siri and Alexa is the most advanced thing our competition has done. And in doing Alexa a team of 1000 people participated for 4 years!

Returning to the metaphor, none of those 1000 people know how to make neither submarines nor cars.

We do, and that is what we are going to take advantage of.

Click here to see the 8 most innovative startups in 2020 to make boats and bicycles.

From 8 months to two years. It contemplates the cases from selling our services in the cloud at a cost greater than US$ 100,000 per year, to selling the company for a value greater than US$ billion.

(Do you get the impression that it’s too fast? That’s why it’s a very good deal!)

(Do you get the impression that it is too ROI? Not at all. Microsoft invested a billion US dollars in OpenAI. A technology that is still at the level of ships and bicycles!)

Read “Who is your competition?” To understand this last reference.


The singularity – is a hypothetical future point in time at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization.

The non-biological intelligence created in that year will be one billion times more powerful than all human intelligence today

The knowledge and technology in themselves are neutral. The result they cause depends on the people who create it.

In our case, we are impulsed by the principles of ethical person in everything we do, and we know what needs to be done to avoid the potential of a SKYNET or a HAL 9000, so our AGI is based on having ad-hoc results like what a ethical person would had.

Among them

Level 1 of a well built singularity .

  • Cars will be driven automatically without a driver. When all coordinate with each other, 1.3 million deaths and almost 500,000 annual paraplegias and teraplegia due to traffic accidents will disappear.
  • The waters, the seas, the land, and the air will be clean and pure by the contributions of the AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) to new physicochemical reactions to decontaminate.
  • The garbage will disappear by the contributions of the AGI to convert it.
  • Many diseases – if not all, and including old age – will be cured by personalized metaculture medicine of medical AI.

Level 2 of a well built singularity.

  • Corruption will disappear by AGI surveillance.